"My primary emotion as a writer is guilt. I am guilty when I don’t write and when I have written, but not enough. When I have written, but written badly. When I meant to write but got caught up doing something else. I am guilty when I have no ideas and when I have so many ideas I can’t write them all and also when I have one idea, but can’t figure out how to write it.

"Mostly, I am guilty when I do anything that isn’t writing...

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"We live our lives in orbit around the planets of loneliness and connection. Alternating between the two. We are, all of us, at times apart from the world around us. Separate in some way. Isolated. But, we are also engaged in the world. Connected. Reaching out and touching the world. We circle back to old feelings, old friends then propel forward to new places, new faces. Whatever we are feeling at one moment, we are not doomed to feel forever. Instead, it’s a constant movement from isolation to hesitation to engagement. From within ourselves, to without and then back again...

Published in Entropy Magazine